Terms and Conditions

Part of our commitment to customer service satisfaction is remaining flexible and pliable to your needs. We strive to do the best we can in listening to your requests. The following are guidelines we have in place in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

There are a series of approvals we implement in ensuring your satisfaction. Consider our service as having a three step process:

Design—–>Print—–>Completion & Fulfillment

Each process must receive approval in order to move forward with your order.

During the design phase: we first meet with you to brainstorm and to get an understanding of your needs. Next is communication during the process of design. We finalize this phase by receiving your approval of the design. We allow for 2 change requests to occur at no additional. It is imperative that you make all the necessary changes in the first 2 change requests. If more than 2 requests are made, an additional $25 is charged to the job per adjustment. It is also important that your design completely meets your expectation before you approve it. If a mistake was made during processing and before approval, we will correct it free of charge. Approval is made via a written consent such as email, or text. If at any time during this process your are not satisfied, you will only be charged the design fees.

If after approval, you become unsatisfied with your design, we will not refund the amount paid for design work since it was approved. We will, however refund you any other amount such as the printing portion of your order.

The next phase is printing. Once it is determined what dimension, and stock of paper you desire, we will send your approved design to our print department. We use state of the art quality printing technology to ensure your product matches with your approved design. If for some reason, the product is not to your expectation, we will strive to understand your reason and determine the next step in ensuring your expectation. It is important to approve the stock and dimension prior to printing. If you decide to change any of this after product is sent to print, additional charges may apply. We ensure you have properly approved all of this prior to sending to print.

Completion and Fulfillment. Once printing is complete, you will receive product of goods delivered via UPS, Fed Ex, USPS or hand delivery. We ensure your product is handled with care and strive also to meet any deadlines. Other services including delivery to customers or direct mail are additional in which we provide receipt of goods for each.

We look forward to providing the highest in quality and the best-in-class customer service to all of our clients. Please contact us if you have any additional questions regarding our Customer Service Guarantee at (562) 653-6776.