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Welcome to New York City


We are so excited to have the opportunity to pioneer in the Big Apple! When we arrived, we saw a large sign that said "Welcome to New York City" and it suddenly hit me, we are no longer in the little town of Newport, Oregon.  Moving from one coast to the other certainly has it's challenges.  Adjusting to the time zone change has been one of them, maneuvering through the sea of humanity is another.

I was born in New York, so obviously seeing the places that I grew up have been a great adventure.  I remember the smells and the sounds of the city.  It reminds me of Los Angeles. The sound is familiar because it is a cry for help. While many people see the lights and the glamour, the people who live in New York live with many struggles.  Broken families, addictions, and a sense of hopelessness fills the streets.  

God has sent us out here for a purpose.  Los Angeles, Watts, and Newport were launching pads and I believe that God has positioned us for a harvest in the big city.  Please pray for breakthrough in New York City. We are looking for a building and are establishing connections around the city.


Eric and Jennifer Quiles and kids